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1993 Projection Mapping of the main stage at Taejon Expo Korea
A little job we did with EMF for this nice if strangely familiar old lady

3D projection mapping

Dover 1998
Marble Arch 2011

Skate 2010

Millenium Dome - 1998
Waterscreen Shows
London Guildhall 2000
Hong Kong 93
Motorola SLVR 2006
Bahrain 1993
South Africa Freedom Day
Cork 2005
Political Protest 1996
3D Projection Mapping - the accurate alignment of projected images with the architectural features of buildings or stage sets.

deepvisual are internationally recognised as one of the global pioneers of Projection Mapping and have been experts in this highly specialised technique for over 20 years and developed many of the methods now in everyday use. Before the release of deepvisual's projection mapping tutorial videos on youtube in 2007, Projection mapping was virtually unheard of - now everyone is doing it, but they have got a long way to go if they want to catch up with deepvisual .

deepvisual design produce and operate all aspects of projection mapping, from creating elaborate 3D content tailor made to fit specific buildings, through to operating realtime control systems for outdoor projection.

Projection Mapping onto buildings is done by the use of high power projectors. Projection usually requires consent and quality can be affected by nearby streetlighting etc. It is not usually possible for us to project onto glass buildings or during daylight hours



Please view this image with Red/Green 3D glasses
Think you've seen all there is to see with 3D Projection mapping? Think again. This is Real 3D Projection Mapping

Don't be fooled by all that '4D' tosh you see on youtube, this is real 3D on a real building, not 2D hyped up by an agency.

Once again deepvisual bring you a world first with another amazing projection technique.
Put on your Red/Green 3D glasses and watch the video above or better still, watch the original fullscreen on Vimeo





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